What is a Lotion Candle?

A Lotion Candle is a candle that can simultaneously act as a typical candle to freshen the atmosphere around the room as well as a lotion that helps to moisturize your skin. 

How to use a Lotion Candle?

Warm up the candle by either lighting the wooden wick or by placing the candle on top of a candle warmer. Allow the entire top layer of the wax to melt. Extinguish the heat source, and let the wax cool to an appropriately safe temperature. When the melted wax is cooled, gently pour some of the wax on to your hand or dip your fingers into the jar. Then apply the wax to your skin as you would using a lotion. 

Should I be concerned about allergies?

Our Lotion Candles contain pure Jojoba oil. Jojoba is known to be hypoallergenic, but it is part of the nut family. Please take caution to ensure that it is safe for you to use. Discontinue use if you experience any symptoms or discomfort. 

What is a Wood Wick?

A Wood Wick is different from a typical wick as it is clearly made out of wood. They provide a longer burn time so that you can enjoy using the candle for a longer period of time. Wood wicks have a distinct and peaceful crackling sound similar to being next to a campfire. 

What is Soy Wax?

All of our Lotion Candles are made with 100% Natural Soy Wax. It is a vegetable wax made from the oils of soybeans. The greatest advantage is that the Soy Wax is completely renewable and eco friendly. They provide a clean and slow burn, which will allow you to enjoy the use of your Lotion Candle longer.

How much throw does the Lotion Candle give off?

In general, candles that are soy based give off less of a throw in comparison to a paraffin based candle. However, our soy candles can pleasantly fill a 1100cu ft room when used as a stand alone candle. When applied to your skin as lotion, the throw of the aroma gives off a strength that is similar to spraying on an eau de cologne fragrance. 

Why does my wax look dry after use?

Luckily, nothing is wrong. This is a correct feature of soy wax that ensures that the wax is all natural. All the benefits that the Lotion Candle provides remain intact. 

How can I properly re-light the candle?

After using your candle, the wood wick will have a burned section on top. Prior to using the candle again, simply cut off the burned portion of the wood wick. This will allow you to easily ignite the wood wick again. 

Can I use the Lotion Candle Melt as an additive?

No. This product can not be used as an additive to a Lotion Candle Jar. It will negatively impact the ratio of the wooden wick to the original existing wax and prohibit ignition of the wick.

How do I receive my Gift Card?

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