Lotion Candle- PHILOSOPHER

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PHILOSOPHER | A 5-ounce Lotion Candle that features notes of sweet lemon peel, fresh picked roses, mandarin, and a base of vetiver. The inclusion of cedar, dark musk, hemp, amber, and sandalwood are balanced to captivate the essence of meditation. 

MORALITY | The addition of bergamot and jasmine along with a hint of peppermint evoke the sense of understanding the world’s complexity. 

LOTION | The dual acting candles are made with 100% natural soy wax that is infused with pure jojoba oil to enhance the moisturizing abilities for your skin. 

WOOD | The wooden wick is the center of attention as it orchestrates a beautiful crackling sound of a campfire. An added bonus is that the wooden wick provides a longer burn time extending those blissful moments. 

CRAFTED | Each Lotion Candle is carefully hand poured to ensure a high standard of quality. 

DETAILS | For further information and instructions on how to use these Lotion Candles, please visit the FAQ page.