Lotion Candle- RUGRAT *Limited*

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LIMITED | This essence is only available for a limited time. Once it is sold out, it will will no longer be available for purchase. Be one of the select few that has the opportunity to experience this fragrance.

RUGRAT | A 5-ounce Lotion Candle that features notes of vanilla cream and sweet sandalwood. The inclusion of orange and lemon zest are balanced to captivate the essence of youth.

PURITY | The addition of cherry helps evoke the inner child amongst us and bring a nostalgic sense of enjoying a bowl of fruity cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

LOTION | The dual acting candles are made with 100% natural soy wax that is infused with pure jojoba oil to enhance the moisturizing abilities for your skin. 

WOOD | The wooden wick is the center of attention as it orchestrates a beautiful crackling sound of a campfire. An added bonus is that the wooden wick provides a longer burn time extending those blissful moments. 

CRAFTED | Each Lotion Candle is carefully hand poured to ensure a high standard of quality. 

DETAILS | For further information and instructions on how to use these Lotion Candles, please visit the FAQ page.